Ocean Calls My Name Lyrics

    Ocean Calls My Name Lyrics

    Song: Ocean Calls My Name
    Lyrics, Music, Vocals: Anupam Roy
    Video Animation: Upamanyu Bhattacharyya & Kalp Sanghvi
    Language: English

    Ocean Calls My Name song is sung, composed & written by Anupam Roy. This is an English song, sung by Anupam Roy. Ocean Calls My Name Song Lyrics. Anupam Roy New English Song.

    Ocean Calls My Name Song Lyrics By Anupam Roy:

    When the ocean calls my name
    I know I have to go.
    There is no way I can
    Wait for tomorrow.

    When the hammer falls on me
    I have to feel its weight.
    There is no way I can
    Try to negotiate.

    Don't you cry, there is no sorrow
    Grief is a moment in time.
    As you try to hold onto something
    Emulating existence divine.

    A little bit of vanilla
    A little bit of sunshine
    A little bit of melody
    I would leave behind.

    A little bit of violet
    A little bit of spices
    A little bit of humour
    I would leave behind
    For you!

    When the fire sings my tune
    With her I have to dance.
    Of course I can't refuse
    This is my last romance.

    When the gambler smiles at me
    I know that I am done.
    No one wins or loses
    The wine keeps flowing on.