When You have a retentive mind then it will be tough for you to forget something (some incident which stained its shadow on you) or someone who is everything for you…You spend your every night hoping that someone will take over her place…someone will make you believe that you are worthy to the world…you end up your everyday trying to nail down the reason why is this happening with you?? Stop thinking…over thinking is not good for health…it will always lead you to negative thoughts. If there is no surprise in your life, then what’s the point of having a life?? Think different :) Have faith in God :) don’t let those silly rules rule you…Make your own rule…Love your parents…You will touch your dream one day…You will touch your dream one day :)

    বর্তমানই অদৃশ্য সূত্রে অতীতের স্মৃতিকে টেনে আনে| 
    জীবনে ঠকেছি যত, তার চেয়ে নিজেকে ঠকিয়েছি অনেক বেশী| 
    ঠকতে হয়তো পরেও পারি, কিন্তু নিজেকে আর ঠকাব না|