----------:DADAGIRI NEVER ENDS:------------

    "you ruled the cricket rule,
    when you batted fearlessly,
    bowlers got A trembling effect
    you are the pride of bengal,
    you are one and only,
    our beloved sourav ganguly |

    u r great,
    u r Maharaja,
    u r my GOD !

    you have retired 3 years ago,
    all time you have given your 100%.
    never seen you, when you gave up hope,
    can only seen you as a victim of dirty politics |
    each time you explained by your batting skill,
    you did not get justice,
    you are the maharaja of cricket.

    name of agression is Sourav Ganguly
    how can we forget u ??

    step out hitting six mean only DADAGIRI
    we are missing dat..
    we will see u in action in dis IPL,
    expectations are flying in the air to touch the sky,
    please dada,
    just dis time
    dis time keep head with proud;
    wanna to see ipl trophy in ur hand
    wanna to see ipl trophy in ur hand !!"


    tomar shasoney cricket shasito,
    tomar batting a bowler ra kanpto;
    tumi holey banglar gourob,
    amader sobar priyo sourav |

    tumi mahan,
    tumi maharaja,
    tumi amar debota |

    bochor tinek holo aboshor niyecho,
    sarboda nijer sera ta diyecho…
    kokhono dekhini tomai haal chartey,
    dekhechi sudhu annyayer shikar hotey;
    proti baar e tumi bujhiye diyecho,
    michi michi peyecho saja..
    tumi holey cricket er maharaja |

    agression er apor naam sourav ganguly,
    taakey amra kemon korey bhuli??

    step out korey chakka maney dadagiri,
    segulo aaj bhison miss kori..
    ipl a bat haatey abar dekhbo tomai,
    pratyasha, akash chuye jaai…
    please dada,
    ei sesh baar,
    rakho sesh abdaar;
    ipl cup haatey dekhtey chai tomai
    ipl cup haatey dekhtey chai tomai ||